What Subject Matter Inspires me Most as an Artist at the Moment?

Is it birds?  Is it people?  Is it plants?

Well, i suppose it IS birds!  And they are the two birds depicted in the black and white images created by the talented artists Joelle Jolivet and Frau Ottilie, shown in my previous posts.

cutmypic (1)cutmypic

Why do these two bird images inspire me?

I just SO enjoy looking at the precise workmanship carried out by these artists.  The detail of the decoration – all the drawing elements that work together to portray the complete image of the bird  – the black spaces, the white spaces, the black lines, the white lines, the thick lines, the thin lines, the short lines, the long lines, the straight lines, the curvy lines, the angle lines, the shapes and forms(the connected lines), the positive spaces and the negative spaces …all these drawing elements come together to portray a beautiful ”whole”.

According to Mona Brookes and her ‘Monart Method'(https://monart.com/mona-brookes/), there are ”Five Basic Elements of Shape” in the world …

Monart (http://artmakeskidssmart.blogspot.de/2009/07/drawing-with-mona-brookes.html).

i think we can see nearly all or most of these elements in the above two bird images!


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Sarah Guest

I'm an Irish-German artist living and working in Germany.

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